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Lux 2018 Spring Strategy Session & Employee Appreciation Day

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 Lux team members


Lux Consulting Group Inc. (Lux) is an award-winning small business that showcases the positive dynamics of a fully functioning remote first workplace. 88% of the Lux family works in a teleworking environment, this means finding unique and meaningful ways for employees to learn more about company strategies and visions, offer feedback, and share resources across projects. One of the ways Lux ensures their employees are interactive and involved in the company is by hosting in-person events throughout the year.

In March 2018 Lux held its Spring Strategy Session & Employee Appreciation Day. The all day, in-person event focused on helping employees learn about Lux’s short and long-term vision, knowledge sharing on projects and agencies as well as upcoming training opportunities. The day included in an interactive Shark Tank like activity where Directors had to explain why their project fit as an amazing asset to the Lux mission. There was also, an opportunity for project teams to deliver a Project Wow presentation. In these presentations, project staff were given thirty minutes to create and deliver a presentation on their project work and showcases their biggest successes thus far.

I loved the Shark Tank and Project Wows. Although I wouldn’t say they were easy (lol), they were extremely helpful and great to see how talented everyone at Lux is.– Lux Employee

Following the Strategy Session, Lux employees were treated to a night of dinner, games, and appreciation awards at Dave & Busters in downtown Silver Spring, MD.


What did you like about the All Hands Day?

The most important aspect was getting to know the rest of the Lux staff on a personal level.”  -Lux Employee

“I appreciate Lux’s dedication to developing staff and to ensuring we all stay connected. We look forward to this being one of many more”- Lux Leadership Employee

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