Lux Consulting Group
Leonard Boyd
President &
Chief Executive Officer

Leonard founded Lux over a decade ago and is inspired by  innovative ways to strengthen collaboration between government agencies and communities.

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Mildred Boyd
Practice Area Lead
Grants Management
Dr. Mildred Boyd

Mildred Boyd, Ph.D. has over twenty years experience in grants management in education. Her expertise includes outreach to HBCUs and other minority institutions.

Johnny Erickson
CIO & Practice Area Lead
Web Applications & Services

Johnny is passionate about supporting online collaborative communities and enjoys delivering simple innovations to clients.

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Michael Katz
Practice Area Lead
Student Financial Aid
Michael Katz

Michael is a nationally renowned student financial aid expert with over 40 years of experience that includes senior roles at a large health sciences university and later at Sallie Mae.

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Takako Lewis
Practice Area Lead
Event Logistics

Takako has over fifteen years of experience managing event logistics for many different Federal clients. She is passionate about fundraising for healthcare causes.